Personal Training

Do you want to achieve more in your life by getting stronger, fitter, healthier, and looking a heck of a lot better?

Well, I am here to tell you that you can have a toned body that moves and feels better than you have ever experienced before!

My name is Seth Bigelow and I am the owner of Go and Show Fitness, LLC. My whole goal is to help every single client I serve to feel better, move better, and look better.

Go and Show Fitness provides the most time efficient and effective workouts, nutrition guidance, and education that empowers busy individuals to feel, move, and look better than they ever have before.

I believe that everyone should feel confident in their own bodies. I mean, who doesn’t want to have people notice them when they walk into a room? Who doesn’t want to feel confident in every single item of clothing they put on?

Our training is founded upon the principles and the most effective and efficient methods that will shape and build a more aesthetic and appealing look for both women and for men. You can be assured that after training with us you will feel more confident in your own skin than you ever have before.

Not only should you look fit, but you should be able to back it up as well. We don’t want our clients to be all “show”, but no “go”. We put a large emphasis on improving the way our clients feel and move.

We want all of them to feel and move better than they ever have before. Our goal is to help them better keep up with their kids at the park, or to have more energy and endurance that will make everyday housework feel easy and not nearly as taxing as before.

We also want to help them perform better in any races or sports that they engage in. We are passionate about helping them to sign-up for and finish a race/competition that they never thought was possible before and then not only ensure that they finish, but help them finish faster than they could have ever dreamed of.

In other words, after training with us and giving all that you have, you will have a body that will feel, move, and look a heck of a lot better than it ever has before!

These goals are possible to achieve and I have helped hundreds of clients to achieve them throughout the years.

Is it your turn?

The most effective way you can achieve your goals is through Personal Training where you get more focused attention and customized workouts and nutrition information.

In Personal Training you will get the individualized attention and accountability that is sure to help you achieve your body composition and performance goals!


Call now and achieve your goals through individualized personal training!

We can set up a FREE 60 minute Success Session to go over your goals and to assess where you currently are so that we can come up with a solid plan for your successful achievement of your body composition and performance goals.

My personal training is done in a semi-private format, which means that you could have anywhere from 0 to 4 other people in your training session all working on individualized programs specific to their goals and needs. This means that your fee for the personal training session is much more affordable than the traditional personal training fees.

You get the attention and customization of personal training without the high cost!

So, what are you waiting for? Call now and schedule a time for your FREE Success Session, today!


It is possible to achieve your goals and I am here to help you do it!




Go and Show Fitness, LLC