Train Together!

Train Together!

Too often we think we can do everything on our own. Being able to do things ourselves is a great thing. Independence is a crucial skill and ability everyone should be able to manifest in their lives. However, when it comes to getting in incredible shape it is near impossible to achieve it without a little help and support.

If you hope to change habits that you have had for a lifetime then applying the power of social support and coaching from a qualified expert will magnify your results by ten fold!

In the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness we learn the powerful effect that coaching from a certified trainer and social support can have on a person’s results.


Supervised exercise versus non-supervised exercise for reducing weight in obese adults.

Nicolaï SP et al

J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2009 Mar;49(1):85-90.


This research study looked at the effects of training with supervision and instruction (i.e. a qualified trainer) versus “advice” only.


There were two groups used in the study. The first group met with and exercised with a trainer twice a week for 4 months (as a group). 
The second group received basic advice to increase physical activity and access to a fully equipped gym (any exercise they did was unsupervised without a trainer and without a social support group).
The group with supervision lost on average 362% more fat over a 4-month period! (The coached group that worked out in a group setting with a trainer lost 13.4 lbs as opposed to the only 3.7 lbs in the advice only group)
An interesting side note to this is that these results were achieved without any nutrition advice. Thus you can see the HUGE benefit of working out in a group setting with a certified personal trainer!


This is not a new finding, nor is it that surprising as a good coach or training partner/team can really help with your results. The fact that the group exercised together only served to improve those results further (as social support is one of the key variables in fat loss success). So not only did they get the benefits of exercising under a certified trainer, but they received the positive effects of social support by exercising with a group working towards the same goals. Each method of working out, under a certified trainer and exercising with a partner/group, can and will improve your results and it’s clear that together it’s an unbeatable combination.


A similar study came out a few years ago showing that a participant would exercise 30% harder or more (can’t remember the exact number) with someone just watching them (i.e. not offering any instruction or encouragement). You can imagine how that could translate into much greater results, when added with a good program, great coaching, great social support and great instruction.


In our small group personal training classes you will experience the increased success rate of training under the supervision and instruction of a certified trainer and the support of a peer group that is working at achieving the same goals. Not only will you receive these benefits, but as opposed to the other classes that you attend at a normal gym, each class is set-up in an actual designed program that will elicit the best and most consistent results as possible.


We do not perform random workouts that don’t build upon each other like you would get with the regular exercise classes at the gym. The workouts in those classes are never set up in an actual program, rather they are the random workout that the trainer came up with the night before.


All of our workouts are set up in a periodized (progressive) format. That means I plan the workouts months in advance with specific goals and write them in such a way that each workout builds upon the previous, taking you to your goals as fast as possible and allowing you to see quicker results. We have a goal in sight and work towards it in a progressive manner, adjusting as needed while we go along.


So, if you are serious about changing your body and getting the best results possible, join our class and experience the exponential benefits of performing progressive workouts in a group setting under the care of a certified trainer!